8 Awesome Ideas for Modern Wicker Patio Furniture

8 Awesome Ideas for Modern Wicker Patio Furniture

Are you stuck for modern patio furniture ideas? With the outdoor season just around the corner, now is the right time to get your patio and garden furniture in order. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the year’s top 8 most awesome ideas for modern wicker patio furniture. So, if you love modern wicker patio furniture, read on for a round-up of this year’s hottest modern outdoor patio furniture ideas!

Create an outdoor lounge

What kind of things do you like to do when you’re chilling out in your home? You probably like to get cozy around the fireplace, chatting and watching TV, right? Why not do this outside on your patio? 

Simply set up the fire pit, position your modern wicker patio furniture around it, and bring out some of your coziest throws and cushions to snuggle up with. For that true living room vibe, you can even bring a rug or mat into your outdoor patio space! Add in a few wicker side tables for lamps, candles, and drinks.

When it’s movie night, you can bring out a projector. Or when it’s game night, the family can gather around a spacious wicker table.

Chase the sun

One of the major advantages of modern wicker patio furniture is how light it is. While this fact makes the wind a greater threat to it than theft, wicker’s lightness is its main advantage. 

This is because modern outdoor patio furniture can be moved around your backyard with ease. It lets you follow the path of the sun around your outdoor space or pool, soaking up all those rays!

To better chase the sun, why not invest in modern wicker patio furniture with wheels? Having wheels on your wicker sun lounger or chair allows you to roll it around quickly to grab the best spot.

Showcase those intricate patterns

Another great thing about wicker is that the natural material can be easily woven into all kinds of shapes! These days, you see many different designs of modern wicker patio furniture. 

You can shield yourself from the elements with a loosely-woven, peacock-patterned wicker arch as you sit back and relax on a dense, basket-like, wicker bench. Or, why not stash your favourite blankets and possessions in a breathable yet protective, diamond-patterned, wicker trunk? 

Make wicker a feature

This is one of our favourite modern patio furniture ideas! It may go without saying, but if you can have a lot of different elements at play in your patio area, creating a feature or focal point can bring that wow factor.

So, if you have a large piece of modern wicker patio furniture, like a table or arch, keep it topped up with a clear gloss finish or coloured paint and let it take pride of place at the centre of your patio. 

Shed some light

Earlier, we touched upon a few of the ways wicker can be woven into intricate patterns. Well, the fact that wicker can be woven makes this next idea so convenient. If you have a wicker arch or fence, why not weave some fairy lights into it to create some ambience? 

Or, attach a string of lights around your wicker patio table so that the family can see what they’re doing on the next games night. You could even fasten lights around the back of a wicker bench or chair to create a truly special nook on your patio! These could be solar-powered but, if plugging in, make sure they are outdoor-safe.

Bring in other materials

While a nice suite of modern wicker patio furniture will look great by itself, outdoor furniture cushions are a great option for making your wicker benches and chair infinitely more comfortable and cozy. You can even pick cushions that will complement your existing accessories, such as planters and ornaments.

Going for wicker furniture that has been reinforced with metal is amazing! You can still get that classic wicker look, but you also have a table and chairs that stay put on your patio.

Harness the nature around you

As an outdoor area, your patio is probably teeming with a certain amount of wildlife already, right? So, why not use the plants you already have in your garden to complement your modern wicker patio furniture? 

If you have a large tree in your garden, you could position your modern wicker patio furniture underneath its branches for shade and, that all-important shelter from the elements.

Or, if you have trailing or trainable plants, like roses, jasmine or ivy, why not weave a stem or two into your wicker benches or chairs to add colour and fragrance to your patio area? Over time, this can turn into a special jungle or fairy-kingdom look for your patio.


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