7 Tips on Getting the Perfect Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

7 Tips on Getting the Perfect Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Good outdoor patio furniture sets enable you to make the most out of your patio area. Just a few basic pieces of furniture can take your patio from a barren wooden or concrete square to a guest-friendly destination. However, the best outdoor patio sets let you utilize your patio every day. So, how can you get the perfect outdoor patio furniture sets? Well, in this article, this is exactly what we look into. So read on to find out how to get the right outdoor patio furniture sets for you.

Make a list of what you need

Just as with any dilemma, it’s a good idea to make a list of what you need from your new patio furniture. Start by thinking about what activities you will want to do in your outdoor patio area. 

One popular use is dining. In this case, of course, you’ll probably want a robust outdoor table and chairs. But, what kind of dining will you be using your patio area for, and how many people will you typically need to serve? If you plan on eating main meals outdoors with your family during the warmer months of the year, you’ll want to go for a sturdy, permanent table with a robust set of chairs.

However, if you just want somewhere to chill out and eat snacks or throw a cocktail party, you may go for lots of more portable chairs. You’ll probably even completely forego the table! You could replace this space with a firepit, for parties that stretch long into the cool evening hours - the choice is yours!

Where are you going to put it?

When you are using it, your outdoor patio furniture set is sure to be the pride of the place. But what about when you’re not using it? Even the most robust, rust-proof, wrought iron outdoor patio furniture sets are bound to get at least a little weathered sitting outside all winter long.

So, where are you going to put your outdoor patio furniture during the harsher months of the year? Small outdoor patio sets, like chairs and benches, can be placed in a spare corner of your garage or basement until the weather heats up again, while larger, heavier, less-portable outdoor patio furniture can be protected from the elements with weather covers.

If you have limited indoor storage space, consider going for items of furniture that fold up or that can be disassembled. Furniture like this can even fit in the storage areas of your home without taking up much space.

Match the patio to your garden

Chances are you have a couple of favourite plants or ornaments in your garden already. So, when it comes to choosing outdoor patio furniture sets, you don’t want to bring something home only to find that it clashes with or overshadows what you’ve already got. 

So, why not look at outdoor patio furniture sets that work well with what you’ve already got? You could pick chairs with paint that brings out the hue of your favourite garden tree or outdoor cushions that match your favourite planter.

Do you have some leftover paint from that time you painted your door, for example? Why not use this paint to decorate your new patio furniture? You could paint a border around the edges of your patio or table. This has the benefit of making your new patio furniture match other areas of your home.

Overall, you want to make sure your patio meshes well with your many design elements. 

Easy care

When the sunny season rolls around, you’ll want to spend all the time you can outdoors, relaxing and enjoying your new outdoor patio furniture set. You won’t want to spend time patching it up year after year.

For outdoor patio furniture sets, regardless of the material, the main thing you’ll need to do is rub your chairs and table down with a damp cloth every once in a while when they get a minor stain, or when you first pull them out of the garage when the sun comes out.

Try it before you buy it

There’s a reason why they lay the furniture out at furniture warehouses. They don’t just want you to see that the furniture looks nice or that it pairs well with the warehouse’s other products and accessories (although this might be part of the reason). No, furniture warehouses want you to try it before you buy it! 

So, visit the store you plan on buying your outdoor patio furniture set from, and do try it before you buy it! Lie down on that hammock or swing seat and see if it is as comfortable as it looks in the picture. Go find that bench and see if it does match your plant pot. Is the stitching on those seat covers really as durable as it seems?

Then, if you’re sure that the furniture really does suit your needs, go ahead and take it home! If not, you will have discovered a requirement or two that you didn’t know you had before.

Think about dual-purpose furniture

Dual-purpose outdoor patio furniture sets simply make good sense. Not only are they smart, but dual-purpose outdoor patio furniture sets also save space and money.

A lower outdoor table is not only perfect for dining and playing games, but also for extra little guests to sit on. If this table also opens up to store your outdoor blankets and cushions, for example, that’s three different functions from one item of furniture! So, be sure to choose your furniture with this in mind.

Go for quality furniture

You get what you pay for when it comes to patio furniture. Choose a brand/manufacturer that stands behind their products and you can count on that furniture lasting for years to come.

Take care when shopping for outdoor patio furniture sets and be sure to check legitimate customer reviews, consumer report magazines, and forums first.


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