Best Outdoor Cushions in Toronto

Best Outdoor Cushions in Toronto

Add personality to your outdoor furniture with outdoor cushions. With outdoor cushions, you get to add personality while also creating an aesthetically-pleasing space! Just like indoor cushions, you can select your cushions based on the tone of your outdoor space, while also embracing your unique style.

Shop Outdoor Cushions at WickerPark

If you need outdoor cushions in Toronto, check out WickerPark. The quality, comfort, style and durability you get is unmatched, especially for the price point. The outdoor pillows, throws and cushions are exclusively made with Sunbrella fabrics, which are durable and will last for many years to come, even with Canada’s seasonal weather conditions.

What Makes Outdoor Cushions Different from Indoor Cushions?

Why can’t I use my indoor cushions for my outdoor space? If you are planning to get patio cushions in Toronto, please do not purchase indoor cushions for your outdoor space. Here’s why:

  • Outdoor cushions should be made with fabric that can resist seasonal weather conditions. The Sunbrella fabric that WickerPark uses for its outdoor cushions protects them from harmful UV rays, increasing durability. These outdoor cushions are also made with fade-resistant material, which is beneficial, since most people choose outdoor cushions with strong, vibrant colours, which they hope to maintain regardless of weather conditions.

  • You do not want to wake up with mold all over your cushions. Not only is it disgusting, but also unhealthy. WickerPark’s outdoor cushions are made with mold-resistant fabrics. On the other hand, you will find that your indoor cushions will get moldy if left outside, especially in the winter. This is because the material used is not mold-resistant. As such, you can leave your patio cushions outside without the constant worry of damage, meaning you can use them for several years to come!

  • Ease of cleaning - if you are planning on bringing your indoor cushions outside, be warned that the cleaning process will not be easy. Since these cushions are made with materials like cotton, stains and dirt may be hard to get off; they might even stick forever. But with outdoor cushions, the fabric used by WickerPark makes it easy to clean -  all you need is water and a mild soap, and you are good to go.

Tips for Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

So, you want to revamp your space? But, how do you ensure you get the best outdoor furniture that guarantees comfort?

  • Choose quality. When purchasing your outdoor furniture, you will be presented with several options. If you are unsure of the material to purchase, ask around to understand which fabrics and materials can withstand harsh climate conditions. You are better off spending a little bit more, as you will get to use the furniture for years as opposed to daunting regular repairs.

  • Comfort. Is your outdoor furniture comfortable? Simply put, you will enjoy your space more if your outdoor furniture is comfortable.

  • Waterproof. Given that the Toronto weather can be unpredictable at best, it’s important to ensure that you choose outdoor furniture that can survive harsh weather conditions, such as rain.

  • Colours. We all want a functional and aesthetically-pleasing space. If you want to add more colour to your space, outdoor cushions will be of much help. For instance, you can opt for striped outdoor cushions or even plain-coloured cushions, based on how you want your space to look.


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