Proper Ways of Protecting Your Sunbrella Bench Cushions

Proper Ways of Protecting Your Sunbrella Bench Cushions

When you first purchase them, your Sunbrella bench seat cushions are a cheery, bright accompaniment to your outdoor patio area. 

We’ve compiled this list of tips for protecting Sunbrella bench seat cushions from the elements. With this information, we hope that you can help your Sunbrella bench seat cushions remain as bright as they were when they were first bought, and to last for years to come.

Cover your bench cushions

Perhaps one of the easiest Sunbrella bench cushion protection tips to act on - did you know that Sunbrella cushion covers are readily sold in most places that sell outdoor furniture? 

One way to protect your Sunbrella bench cushions is to place them in large plastic bags for storage. Plastic bags are great at preventing mildew from forming on your outdoor cushions. This is because plastic is excellent at keeping moisture out. 

Go for fade-resistant cushions

Whether you go for oilskin fabric or waterproof polyester, woven or knitted, all types of outdoor bench cushions will begin to fade eventually unless properly maintained. This is simply a fact when outdoor furniture spends so much time exposed to the elements.

But, what if you get extra durable Sunbrella bench cushions? You can get more durable cushions or covers in many places. These Sunbrella bench cushions are made from fabric that not only fades more slowly than standard cushion covers, but is also more durable and less likely to get damaged or ripped.

Clean your cushions regularly

Regardless of which type of cushion or cushion cover you go for, you will still always need to clean them. Did you know that cleaning your Sunbrella bench cushions regularly goes a long way to helping them last? After all, think about how acidic bird droppings and mud can be!

However, even if your Sunbrella outdoor bench cushions have removable covers, this doesn’t have to be an abrasive, tedious machine wash. Simply use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to scrub the debris off as soon as you notice it. 

If you are just taking your Sunbrella bench seat cushions or covers out of storage, and you find them dusty, there’s no reason why you can’t use a low-powered handheld vacuum cleaner on them.

As always, take a look at the label or any other information that came with your cushions to find the best way to care for them.

Secure your cushions

When you bought your Sunbrella bench seat cushions or covers, you probably made certain to buy ones that were the correct size or the same brand as your outdoor furniture.

Making sure your cushions are the correct size for your outdoor patio furniture can help keep the cushions safely in place. However, you may find that over time the filling moves around and piles in the cushions, resulting in the cushions warping and losing their shape. This can cause the cushions to slide off your outdoor furniture more often.

Using covers with your Sunbrella outdoor bench cushions can also cause them to become less secure. This is especially true if you go for covers with a smooth fabric.

So, to prevent your cushions from ending up in the neighbour’s pond, you may like to secure them down. For this, you can use velcro ties to hold your cushions securely to the legs of your outdoor patio furniture.

Apply waterproof sealant

For Sunbrella bench seat cushions, mold and mildew are two of the worst things that can affect them. Mold and mildew can take over Sunbrella bench cushions if they’re neglected and mistreated, yet they are one of the most difficult problems to treat and get rid of.

Thankfully, several easy solutions exist that can prevent mold and mildew from ever entering your cushions. One of these solutions is to use a waterproof sealant. 100% effective at keeping moisture out of your cushions, waterproof sealant creates a barrier between a Sunbrella bench cushion’s fabric and the air outside.

You can find waterproof sealants for your Sunbrella outdoor bench cushions in most major outdoor furniture retailers. These sealants work best in humid areas, where your Sunbrella bench cushions are unlikely to be exposed to excessive moisture more frequently. However, wherever you live, if you use waterproof sealant on your Sunbrella outdoor bench cushions, be sure to re-apply it regularly, as the waterproofing effects it provides are not permanent.

Put your cushions away

No matter the weather, Sunbrella bench seat cushions are almost constantly subjected to plenty of punishment! The sun’s rays can fade them over time, while snow and rain attempt to force moisture into the filling of the cushion, potentially leading to the growth of mold and mildew if they’re neglected.

So, when you're not using your Sunbrella outdoor bench cushions, the best thing you can do is put them away. Your garage or basement is an ideal place to store your Sunbrella bench seat cushions. Otherwise, outdoor garden storage like a secure storage bench or box is good in the warmer seasons.


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