Rustic Rancher™ 30"

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Introducing the Rustic Rancher™, Prestige & Distinctiveness for the Outdoor Enthusiast – a perfect urban paring for any WickerPark Outdoor Furniture. The best selling Rancher in our Fire Pit collection, the Rustic Rancher features a large size basin diameter of 30 inches, coming in at 80 pounds. The tripod frame stands tall at 76 inches, with a substantial width of 60 inches (point to point approximately). Grilling, camping, at the family bbq, ski chalet, beachside home, or on your patio, the Rustic Rancher is scaled to fit almost any lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in the embrace of the warmth of firewood, a sensory journey of enveloping and comforting heat that radiates a natural and rustic coziness. Feel the gentle, flickering warmth dispelling the chill in the air, creating an inviting ambiance around you. The crackling sound accompanies the mesmerizing dance of flames, weaving together a soothing and nostalgic atmosphere. Now imagine the added delight of cooking a delicious meal over an open flame, transforming the experience into a sensory feast.

This experience connects deeply with our primal appreciation for the hearth, making the warmth of firewood more than just heat—it's a sensory embrace of nature's comfort.

Durable enough to withstand a lifetime and more, crafted from robust plate steel with meticulous attention to detail. Enhance your outdoor experience with our collection of Ranchers from Frontier Fire Pits, take yours home today!
Steel Frame - Zinc-treated, then powder coated for maximum weather resistance. Basins are treated with special high-temperature powder coat. Will last a lifetime, and more.

Value Added - 5 year Limited Warranty. Our Fire Pit's are meant to last. They are also meant to be loved, enjoy your hearth.

Extra's Included - Backcountry Bundle which includes the Steel Rain Cover, Grilling Grate, Fire Wood Poker, and Ash Scooper. *items excluded from warranty.

CAUTION: Avoid using on composite or wooden decks, or on asphalt, as the high temperatures produced by the firepit may pose a fire risk. All components of the firepit will become VERY HOT during and after use. Never operate this firepit under low hanging branches, near fences or trellises, or beneath overhangs, including verandas and covered porches. This product is designed as a wood-burning fire bowl for outdoor use exclusively and should not be fueled with charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal, plywood, trash, manufactured logs, or painted, stained, or treated wood. Exercise the same caution as with any open fire and use only in locations where regulations permit.
Dimensions of Rustic Rancher™ 30" Fire Pit,
Basin Diameter: 30 in.
Basin Weight: 75 lbs.
Tripod Height: 76 in.
Tripod Width: 60 in. Point to Point

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