Sunbrella Throw Pillows

Any living space is best defined by the comfort it offers, and the Sunbrella pillows provide plenty of that. The decorative Sunbrella throw pillows will bring plush softness to any interior and exterior living space in Toronto. Refresh your décor with these pillows.

To incorporate a luxurious feel into your indoor and outdoor space, invest in Sunbrella fabric pillows that best match your furniture’s décor. They are a perfect finishing touch on chairs, sofas, and benches. So, where in Toronto can you get the Sunbrella pillows?

Shop Sunbrella Throw Pillows at WickerPark

Pull your room together and make it more inviting and beautiful by investing in Sunbrella pillows that fit your budget. Consider shopping for these pillows at a reputable shop like WickerPark. We understand every homeowner’s need for fashionable home décor.

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If you are searching for throw pillows to furnish your outdoor furniture, count on us. Our Sunbrella outdoor pillows feature style, durability, and comfort to make your outdoor living more welcoming. But with many options available, pick what suits you best.

As you shop, think about the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Is it classic, modern, or traditional? Is the space colourful and more eclectic? What's the size of your furniture? Such factors will influence the size and colour of the throw pillows you intend to pick.

At WickerPark, we’ll help you get what fits your lifestyle. We have hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics with different colours and designs to match all our customers' tastes.

sunbrella throw pillows

How to Accessorize with Great Throw Pillows

Want to breathe new life into your living space? Sunbrella throw pillows are an excellent way to transform your space into a sanctuary. Thankfully, accessorizing with Sunbrella pillows is the cheapest way to incorporate style into your living room or outdoor space.

Use the tips and ideas below to inject style into your living space.

Mix and Match with Different Colors

There are hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics with different colours and patterns. Pick throw pillows with hues that match the colour of your furniture, walls, rugs, and even curtains. Consider a three-colour combination for a fancier look, like pink, dark-blue, and pink-red.

Invest in Symmetrical Arrangement

Whether you are tossing the Sunbrella fabric pillows on your bed, couch, or window seat, you have to ensure they are well-polished and orderly arranged. The best way to achieve that is by layering the throw pillows symmetrically.

Add the Right Number of Throw Pillows

Although Sunbrella outdoor pillows are meant to add comfort to your furnished furniture pieces, going overboard can compromise the purpose. If you have ever sat on a couch packed with too many throw pillows, you will realize they are very uncomfortable.

Try Throw Pillows with Streamlined Stripes

Are you looking for a less fussy décor? Consider pairing up a bold-coloured throw pillow with a striped one. Stipes are a perfect pattern for pillows because they strike a perfect balance of simplicity and boldness. Pick striped Sunbrella pillows at WickerPark.