Sunbrella Throw Blankets

Sunbrella throw blankets offer premium craft and comfort. The fabric celebrates endurance, durability, and luxurious softness. Enjoy quality in each handwoven throw.

Delivering exceptional craftsmanship in every throw, Sunbrella blankets are a perfect solution to every homeowner who longs for durability and comfort. The fabrics feature the excellent performance you expect from any Sunbrella product, such as dirt and stain resistance.

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Sunbrella throw blankets are highly versatile, and you can use them for both interior and exterior applications. If you have a party in your backyard, let your guests snuggle up with Sunbrella outdoor blankets on your outdoor sofas for added warmth and comfort.

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Thankfully, the Sunbrella outdoor throw blankets aren’t only soft and luxurious but also easy to clean. After the most vibrant dinner party of your life, toss the Sunbrella blankets in the washing machine. Don't hesitate to place it in the dryer. It's preshrunk!

The Sunbrella patio blanket features water, soil, and stain-resistance qualities, making them a perfect addition for residential spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Besides, the Sunbrella outdoor throw blankets come in various colours to suit everyone’s needs.

Shop for Sunbrella throw blankets in colours and textures that match your style, whether it’s warm yellow, cornflower blue, or grey throws with specks of white. The good news is, you’ll find any type and colour of Sunbrella blankets at WickerPark.

Sunbrella Throw Blankets

How to Stay Warm, Outdoors

If you plan to host a dinner party in your backyard, you are probably wondering how you will keep your guests warm throughout the cold, crisp night. Think of Sunbrella outdoor throw blankets, which are specifically designed to provide warmth and comfort at night.

Besides Sunbrella throw blankets, the following items will also keep you warm outdoors.

Put on Wool Insoles

Going to stay outdoors during a cold night? Your shoes will be in direct contact with cold surfaces, prompting you to make them feel warmer. The trick is to add DIY wool insoles, which are easy to make. Cut two pieces of wool and place them at the shoes’ bottom.

Don’t Forget the Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are an excellent way to keep warm outdoors. They might seem a bit old school but are good at adding warmth and comfort. Hand warmers are a perfect asset for outdoor parties on wintery nights. Don't forget to wear them during Christmas events.

Get a few Scarves

Don’t use the scarf to keep only the neck warm. Embrace tactical scarf-wearing to keep most of the upper part of your body warmer. Scarves are highly versatile accessories. Use them as extra layers underneath coats and as a blanket to cover your cold knees.

Don’t Mind Wearing the Hikers’ Socks

Woolen socks are popular in the hiking and camping world. Avoid too tight socks that will build pressure on your feet and lower blood circulation. Consider wearing a warm, breathable pair of socks to keep your legs warm, just like Sunbrella throw blankets.