Patio Storage & Weather Covers

Should I cover or leave my patio furniture outside? You may not know what to do with your outdoor patio furniture in the winter and that’s normal. Outdoor patio furniture is made of different quality and materials. You do not want to wake up one morning and find your wooden patio furniture falling apart, or your glass patio furniture cracking due to heavy snow! As such, care and maintenance needs may differ. Regardless, all patio furniture needs to be protected from damage as a result of adverse weather conditions.

Patio Storage & Weather Covers

The best way to protect your patio furniture from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow is by using Sunbrella patio furniture covers. Toronto can have harsh winters for months every year. It would be pointless to invest in patio furniture and fail to extend their lifespan. While repairs can be done, they can be expensive. Also, some damage may be permanent, forcing you to purchase new furniture. Seeing that winters in Canada can be unpredictable, it is best to invest in Sunbrella patio furniture covers to avoid a last-minute rush.

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Planning on getting some patio covers? Here are some factors to consider.

  • Water Resistance- This is the most important consideration when getting patio furniture covers. Every furniture piece needs protection from rain or water. Ensure you get a water-resistant patio furniture cover that lets the water roll off the cover while also not trapping any moisture in the cover.
  • Breathability- This ensures that moisture is not trapped in the patio furniture. It also prevents nasties such as mould from getting a home in your patio furniture.
  • Get the dimensions right!- If the covers do not fit the patio furniture well, they might end up not protecting your furniture as well as you expected them to.
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How Weather Covers Can Help Protect Your Investment

Weather covers can prolong the life expectancy of your patio furniture. While the quality and care needs may differ with the furniture type, protecting your patio furniture from rain is important in all types. Patio furniture rain covers come in handy as they prevent water from getting to the furniture.

About Sunbrella Patio Furniture Covers

Given the benefits of ensuring your patio furniture remains covered during adverse weather conditions in Toronto, the Sunbrella patio furniture covers are a must-buy. If you are looking for patio furniture covers in Toronto, you will get a wide variety to choose from based on design, colour and even patterns here at WickerPark. 

How to Increase your Patio Storage

You will not always be comfortable with leaving your patio outside. By increasing your patio storage space, you can store more patio furniture as opposed to leaving them outside. For instance, you can revamp your tool storage space by arranging the tools. You will notice that they will consume less space. For small items, consider a hanging organizer. Organize small equipment to ensure it does not take up much space.

Store your Furniture in Any Weather

Regardless of the weather conditions, store and protect your furniture with Sunbrella fabrics. You can choose your fabric of choice from the wide variety available including canvas macaw, canvas navy and spectrum carbon among others.