Patio Dining Table Sets

As an integral part of a home, the patio is a perfect space to dine with your loved ones, necessitating the need for a patio dining table set. The furniture you select should match your style and should align with your creative goals for your outdoor space.

Looking for a perfect patio dining set in Toronto? Look for the furniture designed to offer comfort as you dine with friends and family. Also, select a dining set that accommodates all your guests. Everyone will want to sit around the table when it comes to serving time.

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With an outdoor dining set in Toronto, you can enjoy many meals in the comfort of your backyard. Bring the alfresco dining experience into your home by investing in a modern dining table set. It doesn’t have to stop at your favourite restaurant’s outdoor seating.

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But first, you have to check if your outdoor space is big enough to accommodate more than a patio lounge chair. Setting up alfresco dining will transform your backyard into a haven of comfort and tranquillity. Where do you find the best dining table set in Toronto?

Before picking a patio dining table in Toronto, it's essential to consider your outdoor space's size. WickerPark stocks a few different size options to match your specific needs, right from 5-piece outdoor dining sets to 9-piece outdoor dining sets.

Patio Dining Table Sets

Outdoor Dinner Party Tips

There’s no better way to enjoy your loved ones’ company over the summer than hosting a dinner party in your backyard. Setting up an alfresco dining party may seem daunting at the start, but it's not. What tips should you consider for a perfect dinner setup?

Pick a theme that fits your style to create a consistent design for your outdoor space. For a bright, vibrant theme, play around with lively, tropical colours. Darker hues are best for a sophisticated, subdued mood. Natural motifs are best for nature lovers.

What table linens and dinnerware reflects your style? If you are on a budget, consider the cutlery you already have. Make a statement with flowers, candles, and other affordable extras. Don’t forget to set the menu and select the serving dishes.

Patio Dining Set Styles

Are you settling for a bistro dining set, bar-height dining set, or a bench-style dining set? A bistro set comprises a pair of chairs and a small dining table, often called a two-top. Sizes of bistro set tables tend to vary, so choose one that fits your space. 

The bar-height sets are a popular choice for many homeowners. With this patio dining set, you can incorporate a bar feel into your outdoor space. These dining set designs tend to be heavy and tall. 

Whatever you decide on, your outdoor dining experience should become easy and comfortable with the right patio furniture. WickerPark can help you turn any patio into a great place to take meals.