Outdoor Coffee and Side Tables

Both outdoor coffee tables and outdoor side tables will add comfort and convenience to your outdoor space while complementing it, giving you access to the vision of comfort that you have for your patio. To pull together your patio space and make it more inviting and entertaining, think of a table design that will match your style.

Much like the tables in your living room, patio side tables offer a space to place drinks or food. The main difference is that the outdoor coffee tables are made of weather-resistant materials to withstand environmental stressors.

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Choosing the right coffee or side table for an outdoor lifestyle can be tricky, especially if you have no idea how to find one. The good news is, there are various fashionable styles of outdoor side tables, for patios, to give your outdoor area a compelling look.

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Coffee and side tables are available in a variety of designs and prices. Before shopping for the furniture, evaluate your financial plan and set a sensible budget that can afford the right patio tables for you. Don’t reduce spending at the expense of quality.

If you are ready to add an outdoor coffee table or side table to your balcony, patio, or porch, consider our outdoor coffee tables for sale. At WickerPark, we stock various furniture designs that will incorporate a luxurious feel into your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Coffee Table

How to Accessorize your Outdoor Space with the Right Table

Transform your outdoor living space into a personal sanctuary by adding the right coffee and side tables. What height of coffee table do you need? What material do you prefer? These questions will help you find patio furniture that best suits your outdoor space.

So, what's the best height for a coffee or side table? For many homeowners, a perfect coffee table is two inches shorter than the seats around it. Most coffee tables and side tables are 18-16 inches tall. Find a coffee table with a height that blends with your sofa.

Decorating Your Outdoor Coffee and Side Table

Are you stuck on how to decorate your outdoor coffee or side table for a luxurious appeal? Make your coffee or side table more inviting and comfortable by adding the décor it deserves. It can be quite tricky to find a perfect balance of items that will boost your table’s décor.

Place your favourite item on the table to serve as the focal point. For book lovers, stack a few layers of books on the table. Play around with textures to boost the table’s aesthetic appeal. Leather-covered books and bronze or other metal sculptures pair up properly.

Consider adding a slightly taller vase with your favourite flowers or fresh buds. Pick a few flowers from the garden and pot them to add a natural touch to the tablespace. Planted flowers are a perfect choice since you can leave them outdoors for natural watering. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you set intentions for outdoor space and then follow them through every aspect of decorating.