Candle Holders and Lanterns

Candles are an excellent way to add warmth to your space while also setting a relaxing mood. Lighting a candle will not only light up your outdoor or indoor space but will also create a soothing and peaceful environment that calms the body, mind and soul. While in the past candles were the primary source of light in most households, they are now used as decorative and calming accessories. And with the best candle holders, the outlook of your space will automatically change for the better.

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If you want to use candles in your home, you must have candle holders in place. This is because candles cannot only create a mess but can also be dangerous if the wrong type of candle holders is used. There are a variety of safe and beautiful candle holders that you can opt for. Finding the right candle will add light and warmth to your patio area, and increase your comfort level in the evening. 

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Outdoor Lighting Options

While an outdoor space can be fascinating, dark spaces can be impractical when it’s too dark As such, a lit outdoor space is paramount. This ensures you can relax in your space even when it’s pitch dark.

Finding the right style of outdoor candle starts with looking through our catalogue. We have hurricane-style candle holders, lantern-style, and more traditional pillar-style candle holders as well. 

If you add candles that fit with your overall creative vision, you are able to make a space more usable without sacrificing comfort. 

Candle Holders

Candle and Lantern Safety Guide

While candles are functional in an indoor or outdoor space, they can cause fires. As such, candle safety should not be ignored. Before lighting a candle, be wary of the dangers that can occur especially if left unattended. Here are some tips to ensure that your home is safe from accidents caused by candles.

  • Do not leave candles unattended- Candle wax can easily cause a fire. As such, do not leave your candle unattended.
  • Be wary of the material you place your candles on- Placing candles on easily flammable material is very risky. Also, do not place your candles near flammable material as they can fall easily and start fires.
  • Switch to candle lanterns- Candle lanterns remain one of the safest ways to hold your candles. With a modern candle lantern, your space will be aesthetically pleasing while also safeguarding you and your loved ones from any danger.
  • Candle holders are an excellent choice- With the wide variety of elegant candle holders, you get to avert candle-associated dangers while still making your space beautiful. If you are looking for candle holders in Toronto, check out the wide variety at WickerPark.