Furniture Maintenance & Care

Your outdoor furniture, and decor is a valuable investment, and proper maintenance is key to ensuring it lasts for years to come. Our Furniture Maintenance & Care content, provides you with the best tips and techniques for maintaining and caring for your furniture, so you can enjoy your investment for many seasons.

Sunbrella cushions are a great addition to any outdoor patios, sofas, and loveseats. In this article, we explore all the traits of Sunbrella cushions that set them apart from standard cushions, including, of course, whether they can be left outside. Read more.
While it is impossible to avoid dust and dirt build up on Sunbrella cushion covers, taking care of your Sunbrella cushions removes the need for regular cleaning. If you notice loose dirt and debris, vacuum or brush them away from your cushions. Regular maintenance will prevent the growth of mold ...