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Natural or Resin Wicker?

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Here’s another Wicker Park blog time!

 Now that we are officially in summer (as of June 21) it’s time to start planning those backyard activities. Of course, having a patio set will open the door for summer entertaining. But, should you go with a natural wicker or a resin? 99% of the time, it is always better to go with a resin wicker for outdoor furniture. Here are some differences between the two.

Natural Wicker

*photo credit goes to Richard Heaven http://bit.ly/1LPnmBL

  • made from plant materials
  • 100% organic when not treated with a protective coating
  • natural and traditional look
  • will last longer if it is not constantly exposed to sun or water
  • sun can cause the wicker to dry out and can cause cracking
  • extremely cold climates can also make natural wicker become extremely brittle
  • since it is biodegradable, water can cause the wicker to rot or cause mildew
  • can be damaged by insects

Resin Wicker

  • all-weather wicker 
  • mostly used to make outdoor sectionals, dining sets, and outdoor day beds
  • built on aluminium frames (will not rust)
  • UV resistant (will not fade with exposure to sun)
  • light weight
  • extremely long lasting and will not unweave over time


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