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Canada Day is a wonderful time to bring friends and family together and is just over a week away! The team at Wicker Park has come up with three patio party ideas to help celebrate this time of year and show off your entertaining skills.

Colour Schemes

Use what you already have at home to create a Canada Day colour scheme. Red and white of course! If you already have our red Castle Comb or Lovett set use white throw pillows or white accessories on the tea tables.


Glasses and Cutlery

Keep your red and white colour scheme going with glasses and cutlery. The great news about this concept is that it is inexpensive! It's a day for celebration, red plastic glasses and cutlery will suffice.


*photo credit to hgtv.com

Get Creative With Food

This is best done through fun foods that can be customized. Desserts are an awesome example of this. Even the cocktails you serve can keep the red and white Canada Day theme alive. 


*photo credit to canadianliving.com

There you have it! These 3 Canada Day patio party ideas will help ensure you will entertainer of the year amongst friends and family. Happy Canada Day!

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