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Top 10 Reasons to Buy New Resin Wicker Patio Furniture!

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Before getting into our top 10 reasons, what exactly is resin wicker? It is all-weather wicker and is used primarily for outdoor furniture. It is made from polyethylene and is quickly replacing natural wicker in becoming the first choice for home designers, and homeowners.

Lets take a look at what we think are the top 10 reasons to switch to resin wicker and get your new Wicker Park patio set! 

Number 10:

  • Resin wicker furniture, for the vast majority, has a powder coated aluminum frame. This is a must to keep your furniture sturdy and to hold its shape while keeping it very lightweight. And yes…. both of Wicker Park’s Castle Comb and Lovett sectionals have an aluminum frame. 

Number 9:

  • The aluminum framing is extremely durable and rust resistant, which makes it ideal for our lovely Canadian climate.

Number 8:

  • Say no more to mold and mildew! Resin wicker is water-resistant and therefore making it resistant to humidity! If it rains, don’t worry! Just let it dry out and then continue use.

Number 7:

  • A big worry that customers often have about buying their new patio set is the question of whether or not the colour will fade. The answer is… (with resin) no! Your patio furniture will look just as good as the day you bough it. 

Number 6:

  • Natural wicker, over time, will become dry, brittle, and could cause the weave to unravel and/or chip. A resin wicker is much tougher! You won’t have to worry about tearing and therefore avoiding those costly repairs. 

Number 5:

  • It’s essentially maintenance free! Woo-hoo! A good hose down is usually all you need, and because it’s resin, you will not have to worry about any bugs ruining the wicker. 

Number 4:

  • A reason that everybody will like, it’s affordable! Of course prices will still very depending on where you go but is much less expensive compared to other materials such as wrought iron or teak it is much less expensive. 

Number 3:

  • There are plenty of colour and style options as it is not a natural fiber. It can be crafted into many different styles and textures. Our Castle Comb set is a piped wicker versus our Lovett set which is flat wicker. 

Number 2:

  • It’s weather resistant! Resin wicker can stand up to the hottest of summer days right into the cold winter months. As opposed to natural wicker which will need waterproofing, varnishing, and will need to be moved inside during winter months. 

Number 1:

  • With the modern designs that are possible with resin wicker your friends and family will absolutely love your new furniture and your backyard will become the new gathering spot for everybody! Who wouldn’t’ want that!? Our Lovett sectional is the perfect example of that new modern look.


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